Executive Chef Jeff Eichem

August ~ menu items change daily

 Marinated olives   5

Fried almonds with sea salt   5

Hand cut fries with roasted garlic aioli  and house ketchup  5

Black Point Oysters with hot sauce and mignonette   3 each

Boquerones with butter and grilled sourdough   7.5

Lyonnaise salad with werp greens, lardons, poached egg and warm sherry vinaigrette   10

Sweet corn soup served cold, with pickled shrimp, sunflower shoots, chantrelles and chili oil   13

Cured mackerel crudo, tarragon marinated fava beans, heirloom tomatoes, summer savory and sourdough croutons   13

Merguez sausage with lentils, golden raisins, confit beets, muhammara and parsley   14

Buttery grilled gruyere sandwich with cornichon and pickled ginger marmalade   12

Dry aged Slagel Farms burger, bacon aioli, red onion, cheddar, with Werp greens and house pickles   14

Bucatini ~ carbonara or cacio e pepe   12

Charcuterie    6.50 each

Chicken Liver Pate (chx) RSB ~ silky potted chicken liver
Dry aged ham (pork) SG ~ hand sliced
Mortadella (pork) SG ~ fine ground salami
Gin and juice (lamb) SG ~ for the juniper lovers
Delaware fireball (pork) SG ~ chili, espelette and garlic
Beef belly terrine (cow) RSB ~ cold smoked

Cheese     5 each

Montan (sheep) WI ~ cave-aged alpine
Jeune Autize (goat) FR ~ semi-soft with a vein of ash
Robiola bosina (sheep/ cow) IT ~ silky goodness
Blu di bufala (water buffalo) IT ~ buttery blue
Tomme de Chevre (raw goat) FR ~ plays well with others
Willi’s Bandaged (cow) WI ~ 18 month titan

Selection of 3 cheese and 3 charcuterie   29

Selection of all 6 cheeses   25   ~   All charcuterie   34