Executive Chef Mike Simmons

October ~ menu items change daily

Marinated olives   5

Fried almonds with sea salt   5

Hand cut fries with roasted garlic aioli  and house ketchup  5

Oysters with hot sauce and mignonette   2.5 each

Growing power zucchini dressed in smoked sardine vinaigrette with sliced cippolini, bronze fennel, crispy garlic and sarvecchio   9

Marinated boquerones with grilled sourdough   6

Carnduff gardens butternut squash soup with smoked trout, pickled ginger and spiced pepitas   9

Waldorf salad with crispy trotters and parmesan   11

         Roasted carrots with bottarga butter and shiso   10

         Curried cauliflower in a vinaigrette of ndjua, octopus, pickled turmeric, peanut and coriander berry   12

Fried California anchovies with seasoned vinegar and cayenne aioli   10

House made boudin noir with roasted pumpkin, brussels sprouts, figs and saba   11

Grilled porcini with thyme, lardo, garlic, olive oil and vinegar   9

Roasted bandera quail with braised lobster mushrooms, borlotti beans and fried wheat berries   16

         Dry aged Slagel Farms burger, bacon aioli, red onion, cheddar, with Werp greens and house pickles   13

Charcuterie    6.50

Chicken liver pate (chx) RSB ~ silky potted chicken liver
Saucisson rouge (pork) INDY ~ spicy pork heart salami
Coppa (pork) INDY ~ spicy slow aged pork collar
Bresaola (beef) SLC ~ dry cured eye of round
Pork belly terrine (pork) RSB ~ a hearty slab
Dodge City (pork) INDY ~ fennel scented giant salame

Cheese    4.50

Simply Sheep (sheep) NY ~ so fresh and so clean
Anton’s Limburger (cow) DE ~ make it funky
Old KY Tomme (goat) KY ~ weep no more
Bayley Hazen (raw cow) VT ~ fudgy hazelnutty blue
Challerhocker (raw cow) SW ~ sublime alpine
Grayson (raw cow) VA ~ delightfully rank

Selection of 3 cheese and 3 charcuterie   29

Selection of all 6 cheeses   25   ~   All charcuterie   34