Executive Chef Mike Simmons

July ~ menu items change daily

Marinated olives   5

Fried almonds with sea salt   5

Hand cut fries with roasted garlic aioli  and house ketchup  5

Oysters with hot sauce and mignonette   2.5 each

Summer time! A bright salad of shaved young veggies, wild herbs, yogurt, green coriander verjus and a soft duck egg   10

Steak tartar with seeded crackers   12

Marinated boquerones with grilled sourdough   6

English and sugar snap peas with pickled crab, cherokee mint, fennel and butter   8

Kippered sardine with fava bean salsa verde, fried zucchini and garlic scape   9

Ceviche of blue fin tuna with cucumber, papalo, serrano and potato chip   15

Torchon of foie gras with cherry mostarda and a salad of mustard greens, basil, hickory nuts, pickled cherries and chanterelles   12

Butter braised sugar snaps with mint, english peas and pickled crab   8

Pan fried curried anchovies with cayenne aioli and black vinegar   9

Stinging nettle cavatelli with ‘nduja, porcini, slow roasted ramps, pecorino and bread crumbs   14

60 day dry aged beef steak with roasted baby alliums, bone marrow butter and sauce bordelaise   17

Grassfed burger, bacon aioli, red onion, cheddar, with Werp greens and house pickles   11

Charcuterie    6.50

Chicken liver pate (chx) RSB ~ silky potted chicken liver
Saucisson rouge (pork) INDY ~ spicy pork heart salami
Coppa (pork) INDY ~ spicy slow aged pork collar
Bresaola (beef) SLC ~ dry cured eye of round
Pate de Campagne (pork) RSB ~ rustic country terrine
Dodge City (pork) INDY ~ fennel scented giant salame

Cheese    4.50

Oma (raw cow) VT ~ supple, barnyardy, pungent
La Tur (goat, cow, sheep) IT ~ wonderful, fresh, rich
Pleasant Ridge reserve ‘EA’ (cow) WI ~ grassy, alpine
Bay Blue (cow) CA ~ rustic, fudgy, piquant
Cabot Cheddar (cow) VT ~ nutty, tangy, crystalline
Mt. Tam (cow) CA ~ creamy, earthy, decadent

Selection of 3 cheese and 3 charcuterie   26

Selection of all 6 cheeses   25   ~   All charcuterie   29