Executive Chef Mike Simmons

May ~ menu items change daily

 Marinated olives   5

Fried almonds with sea salt   5

Hand cut fries with roasted garlic aioli  and house ketchup  5

Dennis Oysters with hot sauce and mignonette   2.5 each

Boquerones with butter and grilled sourdough   6

Hydroponic bibb lettuce with pickled shrimp, roasted raisins, poached egg, crispy onions and creamy poppyseed-ramp dressing   13

Morels with crispy honeycomb tripe, bacon, fresh garbanzos, green garlic and sarvecchio   15

Artichokes “á la grecque” with smoked fluke, preserved mushrooms, sorrel and sarvecchio   15

Buttery grilled gruyere sandwich with cornichon and pickled ginger marmalade   12

Steamed Maine mussels with morcilla, english peas, green onion and mint   15

Dry aged Slagel Farms burger, bacon aioli, red onion, cheddar, with Werp greens and house pickles   14

Bucatini ~ carbonara or cacio e pepe   12

45 day dry aged ribeye with smoked asparagus, egg yolk, chives and caviar   40

Charcuterie    6.50 each

Chicken Liver Pate (chx) RSB ~ silky potted chicken liver
Lomo (pork) SG ~ buttery dried pork loin
Bresaola (beef) Creminelli ~ spiced dried beef
Delaware Fireball (pork) SG ~ firecracker crepinette
Porchetta di Testa (pork) RSB ~ peppery porchetta
Dodge City (pork) SG ~ fennel scented giant salame

Cheese     5 each

Simply Sheep (sheep) NY ~ so fresh and so clean
Anton’s Limburger (cow) DE ~ make it funky
Tomme de Chabris (ewe/goat) FR ~ Basque beauty
Smokey Blue (raw cow) OR ~ sweet and bacony
Grayson (raw cow) VA ~ delightfully rank
Verde Capra (goat) IT ~ addictive nibbler

Selection of 3 cheese and 3 charcuterie   29

Selection of all 6 cheeses   25   ~   All charcuterie   34