Draft Beers



Stiegl ~ Paracelsus Zwickl, Unfiltered Lager 5%, 16.9 oz ~ $8

Made entirely from organically farmed grains and hops, this unpasteurized and unfiltered Austrian lager is a longtime favorite of ours. It pours a cloudy pale amber with flavors and aromas of bakers yeast, bosc pear, floral hops, mild malt, and a dangerously refreshing finish that makes it hard to stop at just one.


Moody Tongue ~ Carmelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter 7.7%, 12 oz ~ $8.5

We’re thrilled to show this Porter from our friends at the Pilsen brewery focused soley on culinary inspired brewing. Brewed with dark chocolate and chocolate malt, it pours dark brown showing flavors of burnt caramel, roasted malt, anise, bitter cacao and a dry satisfying finish.


Penrose Brewing Company ~ Taproom IPA, IPA 7.1%, 12 oz ~ $7

This is a new offering from our friends in Geneva, IL. Brewed with a heavy dose of Chinook hops from Hop Head Farm in MI, it pours a deep golden with intense flavors of floral hops, citrus zest, pine, and more…


North Coast Brewing Co. ~ Le Merle, Saison 7.9%, 10 oz ~ $7.5

This staff favorite Saison from Fort Bragg, California is a must for anyone who prefers the style. It’s full-bodied, with terrific lacing, and flavors of orange zest, white pepper, Belgian yeast, coriander, and more…


Three Floyds Brewing Company ~ Zombie Dust, American Pale Ale 6.2%, 12 oz ~ $7

Drink some before it’s gone…


Urban Chestnut ~ Schlossturm, Altbier 5.2%, 12 oz ~ $6

This low ABV session Altbier from St. Louis is a delicious representation of the style. It pour a deep copper, with good lacing, and balanced flavors of mild malt, caramel, carob, and a dry bitter finish.





J.K. Scrumpy ~ Farmhouse Cider 6%, 5 oz ~ $5 or 22 oz ~ $16

This organic Michigan cider is slightly sweet with nice tannins and hints of clove, cinnamon, maple syrup, vanilla, and plum. One of the best domestic seasonal ciders available. Try it by the glass or the bottle.


2014 Isastegi ~ “Sagardo Naturala” 6%, 750ml ~ $22

This Spanish Basque cider is a longtime Rootstock favorite. Fermented in oak barrels and bottled unfiltered, this cidre has high acidity and flavors of tart fleshy green apple, malted caramel, musty cheese rind, a touch of oak, and a bone-dry finish.


2013 Cyril Zangs ~ “14 Glos” 5%, 750 ml ~ $30

New to Chicago, this natural Normandy cider is one of the best we’ve tasted. Cyril uses 69 apple varieties and naturally ferments the juice for over 5 months before bottling! Slightly funky, this bottlings crisp acidity brightens the palate full of ripe fleshy apple, musty apple skin, aged tomme, and a dry mildly tannic finish.


Eric Bordelet ~ “Poiré Authentique” 4%, 750 ml ~ $30

This Champagne-esque pear cider is produced by accomplished sommelier and Normandy native Eric Bordelet. His dedication to biodynamic farming and traditional production methods really shine showing plenty of juicy pear,bright acidity, and a lovely mineral presence to balance the ciders soft sweetness.


Fruit Beers


Hirter ~ Herbal Radler, Herbed Lemon Beer 2.5%, 11.2 oz ~ $4.5  

Add 1.5oz Letherbee Gin Supplement ~ $4.5
This Vienna brewery makes their Radler by steeping 20 different Alpine herbs, highlighted by sage and gentian, into an all natural lemonade which is then blended with their award winning Vollbier. It’s delicious!


Unibroue ~ Ephemere, Apple Ale 5.5%, 12 oz ~ $5.50

This Canadian ale is brewed with apples, coriander and curacao peels. Lively effervescent, soft hops, with a balanced granny smith apple finish.


Bockor ~ Kriek des Jacobins, Flemish Sour Ale 4.5%, 11.2 oz ~ $11

This is the most balanced Kriek we’ve tasted, the wort and fresh cherry juice co-ferment in oak lending this beer a great depth of flavor; sour cherry dominates alongside notes of balsamic, vanilla, and toasted malt.


Bottled Beer ~ domestic



Three Floyds Brewing Company ~ Yum Yum, American Session Ale 5.5%, 12 oz ~ $7

This well-balanced low ABV Session Ale from Three Floyds is dangerously drinkable. It pours a hazy golden with flavors of tropical fruit, mild carmelized malt, blood orange, piney hops and more…


Moody Tongue ~ Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison, Saison 5%, 12 oz ~ $6

This delicious local saison is brewed with dried meyer lemon peel and leaves, it pours a hazy golden showing flavors and aromas of bright citrus, chamomile, white pepper, Belgian yeast, and a dry finish.


Two Brothers ~ Prairie Path, American Golden Ale 5.10%, 12 oz ~ $6

This is from a local brewery that has brought us a light bodied ale that pours a clear golden color. Lemon citrus on the nose with mild yeast and bread on the palate. Gluten free too!


Two Brothers ~ Domaine DuPage, Bière de Garde 5.9%, 12oz ~ $6

This local session ale is a Rootstock favorite. It pours a deep amber with ample body and flavors of toasted malts, floral hops, caramel, and dried cherry.


Urban Chestnut ~ Zwickel, Bavarian-Style Lager 5.2%, 16.9 oz ~ $7

We can’t get enough of this unpasteurized and unfiltered lager from St. Louis, MO. True to style, it’s hugely carbonated, pouring a hazy golden with flavors of bready malt, fresh grain, floral hops, and a clean finish.


Brooklyn Brewery ~ Sorachi Ace, Saison-Farmhouse Ale 7.6%, 750 ml ~ $21

Made soley with the Sorachi Ace hop varietal, this is one of the best domestic Farmhouses we’ve tasted. It shows huge carbonation and flavors of lemony hops, Belgian yeast, lemongrass and an earthy finish.


Allagash ~ Black, Belgian-Style Stout 7.5%, 12oz ~ $7

This year-round seamless Stout from Portland, Maine is an old Rootstock favorite. It pours dark brown with a tan head showing flavors of dark chocolate, espresso, Belgian yeast, raisinated dark fruit, and mild hops.


Allagash ~ Curieux, Barrel Aged Ale 11%, 750 ml ~ $28

Aged in Jim Beam barrels, this Portland Maine Belgian-Style Triple ale offers complex flavors of vanilla, oak and bourbon. An impressive beer with endless complexity and very food friendly.


Lagunitas ~ Maximus, Imperial IPA 8.2%, 12 oz ~ $7

This year-round Imperial IPA is sure to satisfy any hop lover. It pours a deep amber with nicely balanced dark malts and piney hops alongside flavors of blood orange, caramel, and tropical fruit.


Lost Coast Brewery ~ Indica, IPA 6.5%, 12 oz ~ $6

This NorCal brewery’s flagship IPA is heavily hopped with a combination of Columbus, Centennial, and Willamette. It pours a hazy copper showing bright citrus, pine, floral hops, mild malt, and a dry bitter finish.


North Coast Brewing Company ~ Brother Thelonious, Belgian-style Abbey Ale 9%, 12 oz ~ $7

This California dark strong ale offers hints of chocolate, black fruits, a little brown sugar notes, finishing with subtle grassy hops.


Green Flash Brewing Co. ~ Double Stout, Black Ale 8.8%, 12 oz ~ $8

This San Diego brewery’s inspiration for their Double Stout came from 19th century British stout recipe. It’s pitch black with an expansive tan head and flavors of mocha, toasted oats, burnt caramel and mild hops.


Bottled Beer ~ import



Brasserie de la Pigeonelle ~ Loirette, Witbier 5.5%, 750 ml ~ $22

Pigeonelle is a Loire Valley brewery produced some of the best unpasteurized/unfiltered ales on the planet. Their Belgian-Style Wit pours a hazy deep golden with balanced flavors so pure and refeshing that a second bottle is often hard to resist. Don’t miss this one!


Hirter ~ Privat Pils, Pilsner 5.2%, 11.2 oz ~ $5

Golden yellow pilsner from Austria. Citrusy hops, mild malt and slight sweetness balance this Vienna lager, with a light and crisp finish.


Sünner ~ Kölsch 5.4%, 16.9 oz ~ $7

Pronounced “zoo-nuh”, this is a crisp, light bodied and refreshing lager from the oldest brewery in Cologne. Very light hops and a very popular style of beer found in any German biergarten.


Schlenkerla ~ Helles, Lager 4.3%, 16.9 oz ~ $7.50

This German beer is boiled in the same copper kettles and bottom fermented by the same yeast as the historic Schlenkerla Smoke beer, therefore it has prominent smokey flavors but not overpowering.


Schlenkerla ~ Marzen, Rauchbier 5.1%, 16.9 oz ~ $8

This traditional Bamberg lager is the best Rauchbier around. The malted barley is Beech wood smoked lending the beer a deep mohagany color and flavors of smoked meat, pine, coffee and burnt caramel.


Schneider & Son ~ Organic Wiesen Edel-Weisse, Hefeweizen 6.2%, 16.9 oz ~ $8

One of the best Hefeweizens available! Light bodied, banana, clove, and a touch of hops on the finish from this German beer.


Weihenstephan ~ 1809, Berliner Weisse 5%, 16.9 oz ~ $10

Professor Fritz Briem used a 200+ year-old recipe to craft this. It’s unpasturized and unfiltered pouring a hazy golden with expansive carbonation, malic tang, and flavors of tart lemon, wheat, and clove.


Uerige ~ Doppelsticke, Altbier 8.5%, 11.2 oz ~ $10

This Dusseldorf Altbier drinks a lot like a barleywine. It pours a rich dark brown, with mild carbonation, and integrated flavors of raisinated fruit, molasses, chai tea, dark chocolate, and more…


Sam Smith Old Brewery ~ Organic Lager 5%, 12 oz ~ $7

One of our favorite U.K. breweries has brought us a totally organic lager! Light bodied, balanced flavors of grain, citrus and hops…difficult to only drink one.


Lefebvre ~ Hopus Ale, Belgian IPA 8.5%, 11.2 oz ~ $8

This golden Belgian IPA has a billowing head and aromas of floral hops and citrus, alongside a generous palate of Belgian yeast, spice, citrus, and an earthy finish.


Troubadour ~ Magma, Belgian IPA/Triple 9%, 11.2 oz ~ $10

This full-bodied Belgian hybrid shows the fruity sweetness of a Triple balanced by the dry bitterness of an American IPA. It pours a hazy amber with huge carbonation and flavors of apricot, malt, Belgian yeast, and citrusy dry hops on the finish.


Van Steenberge ~ Piraat, Belgian IPA 10.50%, 11.2 oz ~ $10

A Belgian winter warmer with slight minerality, light mouth feel and a tropical fruity palate. These combinations make this beer a keeper all year round.


De Regenboog ~ Wostyntje Mustard Ale, Belgian Dark Blond Ale 7%, 11.2 oz ~ $10

Dark candy sugar and mustard seeds are the star ingredients in this Belgian beer. Intense carbonation subsides to complex layers of spices, sweetness, and a balanced tartness.


Bockor ~ VanderGhinste Oud Bruin, West Flanders Brown Ale ~ 5.5% 11.2 oz ~ $10

This blend of a freshly brewed brown ale and lambic that was aged in oak cask for 18 months shows a great balance of sour red fruits, belgian yeast, toasted oak, and sweet carmelized malts.


Bockor ~ Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge, Flemish Red Ale 5.5%, 11.2 oz ~ $11

Pours a crimson red with layered flavors of oak, sour cherry, and sweet balsamic. This Flemish red ale will satisfy the sweet, savory and sour on the palate.


Verhaeghe ~ Duchess De Bourgogne, Flemish Red Ale 6%, 11.2 oz ~ $9

This is a unique beer that is both sour and fruity from Belgium. It has a deep cooper color and robust flavors of currant and tart grapes.


Fortified Wines


Colosia “Elcano”, Fino ~ 7

La Cigarrera, Manzanilla ~ 6.5

Bodegas Grant “La Garrocha”, Amontillado ~ 8

Colosia “Sangre y Trabajadero”, Dry Oloroso ~ 8.5

1oz tasting of all four Sherries ~ 15


Rare Wine Co. Historic Series

Sercial “Charleston” ~ 8

Verdelho “Savannah” ~ 8

Bual “Boston” ~ 8

Malmsey “New York” ~ 8

1oz tasting of all four Maderias ~ 16


Quinta do Noval LBV 2003 ~ 7

Quinta do Infantado 10yr Tawny ~ 8

Quinta do Infantado 20yr Tawny ~12

Macvin du Jura

Montbourgeau ~ 8


2008 Meinklang Pinot Blanc Burgenland, Austria ~ 10




Letherbee, Chicago ~ 6

Deaths Door, Wisconsin ~ 8

Ransom “Smalls”, Oregon ~ 7

Ransom “Old Tom”, Oregon ~ 8

Journeyman “Billberry Black Hearts”, Michigan ~ 7

Hendricks, Scotland ~ 8

American Whiskey

Noah’s Mill, KY ~ 9

Willett Family Pot Still Reserve, KY ~ 8

Kentucky Vintage, KY ~ 8

Buffalo Trace, KY ~ 8

Bulleit, KY ~ 8

Bulleit Rye, KY ~ 8

Elmer T. Lee, KY ~ 7

Rittenhouse Rye, KY ~ 6

Scotch Whiskey

Aberlour 12yr ~ 10

Edradour 10yr ~ 14

Signatory Vintage 1999 Caol Ila ~ 14

Lagavulin 16yr ~ 18

Highland Park 18yr ~ 20

Irish Whiskey

Powers ~ 6


Appleton White, Jamaica ~ 6

Rhum J.M White, Martinique ~ 7

Kilo Kai Spiced, Curacao ~ 6

Sailor Jerry Spiced, Caribbean ~ 6

Neisson Rhum Reserve Speciale, Martinique ~ 13


Herencia Mexicana Blanco ~ 8

Fortaleza Blanco ~ 10

Herradura Reposado ~ 8

Fortaleza Anejo ~ 16

Mezcal 1oz

Organic Single-Village Mezcals

From Oaxaca, Mexico

Del Maguey “Chichicapa” ~ 8

Del Maguey “Minero” ~ 8


Gvori, Poland ~ 6

Chopin, Poland ~ 9


Kubler, Switzerland ~ 10

Germain-Robin, California ~ 12

Hemingway – Absinthe & Cava ~ 12


A.E. Dor V.S.O.P. Cognac, France ~ 10

Avelleda “Adega Velha” Portugal ~ 8

La Folie Marc de Bourgogne ~ 17


Dupont “Fine Reserve” ~ 8

Julien Fremont “Reserve” ~ 13

Grape Distillate 1oz

Bertagnolli Grappino, Italy ~ 6

Eau-de-Vie 1oz

Purkhart “Blume Marillen” Apricot, Austria ~ 8


Massaya Arak, Lebanon ~ 8

Green Chartreuse, France ~ 10

Grand Marnier, France ~ 10

Montenegro Amaro, Italy ~ 8

Fernet Branca, Italy ~ 7

Carpano Antica, Italy ~ 6

Campari, Italy ~ 7

Cynar, Italy ~ 7

Kaluha, Mexico ~ 6